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Bring these Vegan Treats to Your Next Holiday Feast!

23 Dec

ally_07About the Author: My name is Ally Kuehn. I am a 21 year old, senior at Ohio University majoring in Applied Nutrition and Dietetics. I am preparing myself to graduate in May 2017. My goals are to become happy and healthier person through nutrition, health and wellness.   Instagram: Kuehnhealth Website: Click Here to see KuehnHealth Blog

The holidays are a time full of beautiful, glorious, food! Tables of side dishes and sweets from your friends and family! I have prepared these delicious vegan treats for your enjoyment.

Bring one of these vegan desserts to your next holiday gathering! I recommend to attempt to eat these in moderation. I am a big dessert person, so curb that sweet tooth with something with real ingredients! Each recipe has instructions and ingredients to make it yourself. I also have provided reviews from close friends and family members on their opinion of the vegan treats! Let’s take a bite!

Recipe One: Black Bean Brownies

These were so easy to make. I was able to find a brownie mix that contains no milk or eggs at my local grocery store. Just blend those black beans with water and fold them into the brownie mix. WOW they are very yummy!

Here’s the recipe card: 

Black Bean Recipe.PNG


What’s in these? Wait there’s beans in there? What, so good, is there more?”

“Very Dense, Moist. I would make these again. Really Easy to make.”

“I was hesitant at first because that doesn’t sound good at all. Pretty Good. I usually don’t like chocolate, this is rich, moist and I would eat these again.”

Recipe Two: Lemon Larabar Bites

Again a very manageable recipe. Next time I would double the recipe if I made it for a large holiday party. This is perfect for a small family gathering. The original recipe called for dates which I replaced with dried cranberries. I used my Magic bullet to grind up the almond, cashews and cranberries.  This treat is very simple because you put everything into the bowl mix it up let it harden in the fridge. Then, roll it up and add a little lemon for pizazz! Instant crowd pleaser.

Here’s the recipe card: 

Lemon Recipe.PNG


Needed a little more lemon, good consistency, I enjoyed it”

“Perfect for on the go snacking, I would use these as a mid day pick up!”

“Wow what a nutty, great treat, I would give these to my grandpa. He’s a lemon fan!”

Recipe Three: No Dairy Ice Cream  

Fruit Popsicles with Coconut Milk

This recipe I make for myself, a fruit popsicle with coconut milk! A must try! Checkout this website that provides 14 vegan recipes for banana ice cream to frozen “fro-yo”. Thanks Reader’s Digest for compiling all these ingenious recipes in one place.


Enjoy ❤ Ally Kuehn




Three Tasty Treats You MUST Try!

12 Nov

I tend to reach for something sweet A LOT! So when my sweet-tooth kicks in, the treat has to taste good and hit the spot, or else I keep searching and eating until I find something that does satisfy me. Luckily I have stumbled across these three tasty treats that satisfy me every time. I give them all a big thumbs UP!

1) BarBara’s Bakery: Blueberry FigBars

  • I found these at my local health foods store. They are all natural, sweetened with fruit juice and low in fat. One cookie is about 70 calories and 0.5 grams of fat. The thing I like best about these cookies is that they are so moist and chewy. It tastes like a bite size blueberry pie in my mouth! They pair fantastically with a tall glass of fat-free or low fat milk. They also have raspberry flavor, apple cinnamon, whole wheat, traditional and wheat free flavors. I have not tried these yet, but I think I will!

2) Erin Baker’s Wholesome Baked Goods: Organic Brownie Bites

  • If you are craving something chocolaty you will love these little pre-bagged brownie bites. They are made with all organic ingredients, are low in fat and contain no trans fats or hydrogenated oils (which puts a smile on my face!). These are very moist as well and taste very chocolatey. I am usually satisfied after just one, and that doesn’t happen very often! There are 8 in one box. They are easy to carry since they come pre-bagged, which is nice for packing in lunches or storing in your desk at work for a quick treat! They come in three flavors: mint, walnut and double chocolate chip. My favorite is the mint! You can go to http://www.bbcookies.com for more of their products, which are also wonderful and yummy!

3) Kashi GoLean: Crunchy! Chocolate Almond

  • These scrumptious bars are designed to balance your blood sugar. They each contain whole grains, 8 grams of protein and five grams of fiber to keep you full and satisfied during that mid-day slump. One bar is only 170 calories and 5 grams of fat. They are actually quite large bars and they are covered in chocolate! Keep a box in your car to munch on before you hit the gym, or to keep you satisfied before dinner is ready so you don’t snack on chips!