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4 Guilt-Free SuperFood Dark ChocolatesđŸ«

10 May


These chocolates are so easy to make that you will never want to buy chocolate at the store again! They are infused with superfoods, and have no sugar added! Dark chocolate is very nutritious because it is packed with antioxidants, iron, magnesium, copper, and can improve blood flow,  raise good cholesterol, protect your skin form UV rays, reduce inflammation, lower blood pressure, improve eyesight and improve cognitive function…and since these recipes have additional superfoods added to them, and no added sugar, you can feel 100% guilt-free!!

To make these all you do is melt the coconut oil and/or cacao butter on a double broiler, then mix in cacao powder and other ingredients listed, and garnish with the superfoods you mixed in as you please! Then pour into a silicon mold. I used this one click here. Freeze overnight, and there you have it! Best to keep these refrigerated once they are done freezing overnight.


đŸ«Matcha-Reishi Chocolates:


IMG_37361đŸ« Moringa-Chaga Chocolates:


đŸ« Blueberry-Vanilla Chocolates:


đŸ« Mint-Chlorophyll Chocolates:

Peace, Love, Superfoods ❀ Colleen Poling, RD