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Top 15 Podcasts I am Hooked On Right Now

5 Jun


I LOooooVvvvvvEeeee ❤ ❤ learning, and that is a huge understatement! I am unceasingly asking questions, and feel the constant desire to better myself, my relationships and the world around me. If you see me out and about walking my dogs, for example, you will almost always see me with my earbuds in listening to an audiobook or podcast. I aim to read/listen to 2 books a month, and listen to minimum of 2 podcasts a day. I have probably even watched every educational documentary on Netflix! So, if you are curious like me, then do yourself a favor and check out these podcasts ASAP! 🙂 These are in no particular order of preference. All of these except #9 can be found on the stitcher radio app or iTunes.


  1. Bulletproof Radio: This podcast distills the knowledge of world-class MDs, biochemists, Olympic nutritionists, meditation experts, and more than $250,000 spent on personal self-experiments. From private brain EEG facilities hidden in a Canadian forest to remote monasteries in Tibet, from Silicon Valley to the Andes, high tech entrepreneur Dave Asprey used hacking techniques and tried everything himself, obsessively focused on discovering: What are the simplest things you can do to be better at everything?
  2. Invisibilia: is about the invisible forces that control human behavior – ideas, beliefs, assumptions and emotions. Invisibilia interweaves narrative storytelling with scientific research that will ultimately make you see your own life differently.
  3. Big Picture Science: is a podcast that engages the public with modern science research through lively and intelligent storytelling.
  4. Rich Roll Podcast: Each week Rich delves deep into all things wellness with some of the brightest and most forward thinking, paradigm busting minds in health, fitness, nutrition, art, entertainment, entrepreneurship & spirituality. This podcast highlights intimate, deep and often intense conversations designed to provoke, educate, inspire and empower you to discover, uncover, unlock your most authentic self.
  5. The Minimalists Podcast: How might your life be better with less?
  6. The Ben Greenfield Fitness Podcast: This podcast includes fitness, nutrition, health, diet, wellness, workout, exercise, triathlon, Ironman, swimming, cycling, running, weight lifting, bodybuilding, Crossfit, Paleo, Spartan, vegan, vegetarian, muscle gain and fat loss advice from America’s top personal trainer.
  7. Sex with Emily Podcast: Dr. Emily Morse is a sex and relationship expert dedicated to educating people to achieve the sex and relationships they desire in order to maintain happiness and longevity.
  8. The Tim Ferris Show: In this show, Tim deconstructs world-class performers from eclectic areas (investing, chess, pro sports, etc.), digging deep to find the tools, tactics, and tricks that listeners can use. This includes favorite books, morning routines, exercise habits, time-management tricks, and much more.
  9. Where Should I Begin with Esther Perel: (New series on audible channels, the audible app): The acclaimed therapist and TED speaker, Esther Perel, opens her office door to let you listen in as she counsels real couples. 
  10. Multiamory: is a podcast about out-of-the-box ideas to deepen current relationships, broaden sexual horizons, developing a better understanding of yourself, and provides awareness and education about the ethical practice of non-monogamy. Insights come from research and years of personal experience with polyamory, but the information found here is useful for people in any type of relationship. Whether you are poly, considering diving into it, or just looking to have better monogamous relationships, their tips and ideas will help you to have the healthiest, happiest dating life possible.
  11. The School of Greatness: Lewis Howes is a NYT bestselling author, lifestyle entrepreneur, former pro athlete and world record holder in football. The goal of the School of Greatness is to share inspiring stories from the most brilliant business minds, world class athletes and influential celebrities on the planet to help you find out what makes great people great.
  12. Sword and Scale: This true-crime podcast is an immersive audio experience covering the underworld of criminal activity and the demented minds that perform the most despicable and unthinkable actions, proving that the worst monsters are very real. They cover true-crime stories, high-profile trials, unsolved murders and missing persons cases.
  13. Mastering Nutrition: Chris Masterjohn, who has a PhD in Nutritional Sciences, explains complex science and puts it into new, practical ideas that you can use to help yourself on your journey to vibrant health. This show allows you to master the science of nutrition and apply it to your own life.
  14. Risk! : Take a walk on the wild side with the RISK! podcast, with selections from the RISK! live shows where everyone from comedians to regular folks divulge true stories they had always thought they’d keep to themselves.
  15. Smart Drugs Smarts: Fuel Your Brain With the Latest in Neuroscience.

What are your favorite podcasts that you listen to??? 

Challenge: listen to a podcast that you might not normally listen to this week. Learning about perspectives/ideas/stories different from your own will educate you, and keep you open-minded! ❤

podcast (1)

❤ Colleen Poling, RD

Hack: Energy without Caffeine

24 Oct


This past weekend was Portland Vegfest! I had a wonderful time listening to renowned vegan MD’s such as Neal Barnarn, Milton Mills, and other RD’s like Julieanna Hever! There were also products galore to sample. One of my favorites of the convention was Macaccino: The Organic Maca Root Superfood Energy Drink! Maca is a herb from the cruciferous family of plants (of the species lepidium meyenii). original
Here are the top 3 reasons I love it so much!
  1. Dense Superfood Nutrition: Maca is rich in fiber, protein, calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, potassium, sulfur, iron, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, 20 different amino acids (with seven essential amino acids), sterols, and more. It also has trace elements such as zinc and selenium. Great for vegans!!!!
  2. Energy without the jitters or crashing: Maca is a natural stimulant, but when you eat it, you don’t feel like you are taking a stimulant. The jitters commonly associated with energy drinks and coffee don’t happen!! Elevate your energy in the morning, on adventures, with the kids, at the office, at the gym, with each other. Not to mention it tastes delicious!!!!
  3. Amazing benefits: Maca has been reported to Improve Mood, Improve Stamina, Improve Libido, Aid in Muscle Recovery, Improve Circulation, Ease Symptoms of Menopause, Balance Hormones, Increase Sperm Production, Improve Melatonin Production, Improve Sleep, Relieve Depression, Lessen Anxiety, Reduce Cholesterol, Balance the Endocrine System, Improve, Immunity, Enhance Memory, Improve Menstrual Disorders, Strengthen Erections, Increase Physical Performance, Reduce Hot Flashes, Reduce Lethargy, Improve Hypothyroidism, Improved Skin. So exciting!!!!!!


Surprising Vegan & Organic Finds at Costco

29 May


Today I ventured into Costco for the first time! I was a very overwhelmed at first with the huge carts and all the STUFF people were buying, especially with this being Memorial Day Weekend. Carts were full of junk food, electronics, paper products, clothes and anything else you can imagine. Although, this did bring me back to my childhood, when my dad would bring my brother, twin sister and I to Sam’s Club to buy giant boxes of Rice Krispie Treats, Jumbo Rope Licorice and Ice Cream Snicker’s Bars! That was heaven for a little kid. However, now as a conscious consumer, it was my goal not to get sucked in too far, and only buy what I needed. Much to my surprise I found some AMAZING vegan, and organic items. Check them out:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

List of Finds: Organic Frozen Berries, Organic Peanut butter, Organic Frozen Broccoli, Organic precooked Love beets, Organic Frozen veggies Galore, Dates (Non-GMO), Organic Tofu, Dried Figs (Non-GMO), Suju Mighty Greens Juice, Organic Hemp Seeds (serious deal here!!), Organic Chia Seeds, Nut Milk, LaraBars, Organic Edamame Spaghetti, Frozen Acai berries, Organic Apples, Organic Full Fat Coconut Milk, Vega One protein, Amy’s Organic Lentil Soup, Organic Cashews, Organic Hope Hummus, Organic Sweet Potatoes, Avocado Oil (Non-GMO), Organic Edamame, Organic Coffee, Organic Butternut Squash, Organic Vegan Protein, GT’s Kombucha, Organic Black Beans, Coconut Oil, Organic Bananas, Organic Agave, and even a Vitamix was there to buy!
I highly recommend getting a Membership!!!
❤ Colleen Poling, RD

Our Vegan Elopement at the Stanford Inn By the Sea, an Eco-Resort

20 Nov
photo 1photo 2
photo 2 (3) photo 1 (3)
We got hitched April 19th, 2014…and this blog is all about my perfect day!
The Stanford Inn By The Sea as my oasis, and heaven on earth. My whole experience at Stanford Inn was magical. The setting of this resort is in the majestic Mendocino California. Mendocino California is along the northern coast of California, and has picturesque views of crashing waves upon rocks and bluffs. The drive into the resort is colorful, with flowers, organic gardens and greenery everywhere. This was truly the perfect place to elope! 
photo 3C-A-low-res-16
I met Alex in the organic garden at the Stanford Inn for him to see me for the first time in my wedding dress. That moment was special for us. Since we are both vegan’s, and connected by the food we share, the organic garden was the perfect setting. He was turned around waiting for me. As I walked toward him I felt overcome with joy and excitement. I barely could hold back my tears. My family watched this unforgettable moment from behind the organic garden’s wooden fence. I then approached behind him, tapped him on the shoulder, and he turned around. I will never forget the expression on his face. I felt like the most beautiful woman in the world at that very moment. 
C-A-low-res-18C-A-low-res-20Alex and I got married at Jug Handle State Reserve, which was about 10 minutes from the resort. The ceremony was along the bluffs and could see the crashing waves below us as the officiant said our vows. The wind blew my veil from side to side as my family members (a group of 7) watched the love and beauty of their surroundings unfold before them.


photo 3 (3)

After the ceremony we took pictures along the bluffs, down on the beach, in the redwood forest and the pygmy forest which made for some very enchanting pictures.
photo 1 (2)C-A-low-res-81
We then drove back to the Stanford Inn for a lovely reception of organic, vegan food. All 7 guests were able to choose from the menu of the beautiful, delicious food. Each and every guest thought the food was incredible, absolutely out of this world!
photo 2 (1)photo 3 (1)
photo 4 (1)photo 3 (2)photo 5 (2)
photo 4photo 1 (1)photo 1 (4)
My dad played a song of “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” for us, and it was my most favorite moment of the whole day. This is where it all came together for me. I was in a beautiful place, with a the people I loved most, eating food that would nourish their bodies. I was dancing with a wonderful man who shared my views on life, all while dancing to my most favorite song I listened to countless times as a child. And to top it off my father, who I always wanted to make proud, was playing it especially for us. I hoped in that moment I had made him proud of my life choices, and surely I did. “Dreams really do come true.”
photo 2 (2)
The rest of the week would get even better. Alex and I took a gourmet cooking class with Sadhana Berkow, the executive chef. It was an unforgettable experience where we learned the elements of gourmet cooking including ingredient combining, cooking techniques – sautéing, braising, cutting/chopping styles, and artful plating. At the end we even got to put together our own gourmet plate and enjoy it together. Sadhana was very passionate and fun, it is easy to see why she is the executive chef! We also got to meet with kitchen director and Nutritionist Sid Garza-Hillman. Sid is the author of Approaching the Natural: A Health Manifesto. I read the book on the plane ride home, and it is certainly a MUST read! Sid is a very personable guy, easy to talk with and very knowledgeable on plant based nutrition.  Every morning at the Stanford Inn we went to the Raven’s Restaurant and were served a delicious plant based breakfast. It is hard for one not to get extremely excited about the wonderful food. During the day we would explore the town of Mendocino, visit the parks, and walk along the beaches. We even went horseback riding along the coast. What an amazing experience that was! In the evening we would visit the Spa area, and soak for an hour in the hot tub and swim in the heated pool. Later we would visit the Raven’s restaurant for dinner and drinks. After dinner we would sit by the fire read and sip on a delicious cocktail. We had 2 massages at the resort during the week. We also attended a yoga class and learned the breath of fire technique. These experiences topped off our relaxation level to a 10! We cannot wait to visit again for our one year anniversary next April….and we can bring our new puppy along with us! The Stanford Inn is pet friendly! We left relaxed, energized, full of nutrients, and topped off with love and excitement for life on this beautiful earth. 

photo 4photo 5

Check out our Video Documentary of the wedding to get a glimpse into the magic! 


photo 4 (3)photo 5 (3)

Vegan in Disney World!

2 Oct

I went to Disney World with my mom on vacation at the end of September. It is fun for all ages, both young and old! We had a blast exploring the parks, riding the rides and seeing the attractions. We first visited the Magic Kingdom, then Animal Kingdom, then Epcot, then Hollywood Studios. My favorite, of course, was Animal Kingdom. We were on a “quick meal plan”, which meant we could get quick service for any meal of the day at only quick service restaurants. We only had a certain amount of these on our plan. We decided to use the quick service for breakfast at our resort at Coronado Springs, and also for lunch inside the parks. We paid separate for dinner for the first 3 nights, then used the quick service meals for the remaining days we were there. We stayed for 6 days and 7 nights. I was not too worried that I would not be able to find any vegan options. For the most part it easy. However, I did have to adjust some of the menu items at times. Enjoy the pictures of the food and fun we experienced! Oh and Happy World Vegetarian Day…… today!

BabyCakes Bakery in Downtown Disney. Dairy, gluten and egg FREE. But not flavor free. Sweetened with agave and no artificial colors used! There were the best treats I have ever tasted! 

Babycakes chocolate chip cookies

Babycakes chocolate chip cookie sandwiches, red velvet cupcakes with vanilla icing, vanilla donut with chocolate icing and brownie cupcake with mint icing. 

Obviously I could’t get enough…more donuts and cupcakes!

Enjoying a nice Babycakes donut

Bongos Cuban Cafe in Downtown Disney. They had only ONE vegetarian option. I had to specify NO BUTTER, which is an animal product! I got steamed veggies, white rice and sweetened plantains. Wasn’t too bad.

Wolfgang Puck Cafe in Downtown Disney. Plenty of vegetarian options, but no vegan. I got a veggie pizza with no cheese.

I got this at Studio Catering Co. in Hollywood Studios. They offered one vegetarian option, a veg sandwich with cheese, pesto and a asiago cheese bread. I swapped the bread for multigrain and asked for no cheese or pesto. And of course choose carrots as a side instead of fries, and apples for dessert. I think I was the only person in the whole park who ordered carrots instead of fries. 

This lunch was at Epcot at the Seasons cafe at The Land indoor attraction. They had a nice veg alternative cooler section with salads and wraps. Here I got some couscous, hummus, pita and some potato salad made with vinegar as a side. 

This was at the Tangierine Cafe in Epcot, country-Morocco! I got the vegetable platter. Falafel, couscous, hummus, tabouleh, lentils and olives. And of course, hot sauce!

For breakfast most days I had oatmeal with raisins and fruit on the side. Breakfast was at our hotel, Coronado Springs Resort Hotel

My fav sit down restaurant was in the Animal Kingdom lodge at a restaurant called Jiko. They had a separate vegetarian AND vegan menu! It is an African themed restaurant. Check this out!

African dips and cracker at Jiko

Egyptian Kushari-Lentils, Couscous, chickpeas, golden raisins, roasted veggies, romesco sauce with toasted pine nuts. Amazing! At Jiko.

Animal Kingdom’s Tree of Life!

A fruit stand in Africa at Animal Kingdom

Breakfast one morning at our hotel, Coronado Springs Resort Hotel Dinner with my mom at Disney’s Boardwalk. The restaurant was created by Iron Chef Cat Cora called Kouzzina

Broccolini at Kouzzina

Grape leaves at Kouzzina. Had some work to do to get off all that oil. 

Rosemary potatoes at Kouzzina

This was at a restaurant called Columbia Habour House In Magic Kingdom. I got the Lighthouse Sandwich without the coleslaw, which was suppose to be part of the sandwich. It has hummus and tomatoes. I chose a side of steamed broccoli. 

Lunch at Coronado Resort Hotel. Veggie salad with fruit!

Dinner at Epcot in France! The restaurant was called Les Chefs France. I got the veggie lasagna with no cheese! Very good! This lasagna is a common dish in the south of France. 

Fruit stand in Magic Kingdom!

May All Beings Be Happy! I found this in Animal Kingdom!

A Vegan Traveling Around in Switzerland

14 Sep

Market in Luzern Switzerland

I have been a vegan now for almost a year. It really has been the best decision I have ever made for myself. I feel happier living this way, because I have found my true self and values. I have found respect for the animals, environment and myself. Over the past year I have become very comfortable being vegan. Finding new recipes and products like, Gardein,  here in the US has made it so easy to be Vegan! However, as my trip to Switzerland approached I was nervous about how easy it would be. It did have its challenges, but it was definitely do-able. If food was bought in the grocery store then it is 100% do-able. However dining out had many challenges.

We went to one Italian restaurant and ordered a pizza without cheese. It came out without any Mozzarella, but still had parmesan sprinkled on top. We told the waiter again we didn’t want any cheese, and they were still confused! No cheese still meant parmesan cheese on top to them!! We went to restaurants where we asked specifically for no animal products, but dressings with milk on salads and butter on vegetables were still added. It was challenging even with a Swiss/German speaking boyfriend to get the orders 100% vegan at the restaurants. Needless to say, I had to pack lots of snacks with me wherever I went, just in case! There are a few vegan restaurants in Switzerland. One in Zurich we stopped at, but it was closed. The vegan community is very small in Switzerland. Going to the grocery store was the best option. There were vegan/vegetarian meat products, whole grains such as quinoa and tons of fresh fruits and vegetables. The fresh bakery bread was fantastic, but we had to ask to make sure the bread was made with no animal products. One bread, for example, was made with pig fat! Gross!

There were markets in the cities and we happened to cross one in Luzern. It was a fabulous market with fresh fruits, vegetables and even beautiful fresh flowers! I also must mention that almost every house has a vegetable garden and fruit trees. I fell in love with this! GMOs are banned, virtually everything is recycled, and land, water, and air are safeguarded from pollution by stringent laws. Candy, soda, and junk foods are banned from schools.  Fast food is minimized to just one chain: McDonalds However there are also some negatives I must mention. As we all know Switzerland is known for the cheese. The dairy cows are kept almost continuously pregnant, and their male babies had all been killed at birth for upscale leather products. The calves are also sold for slaughter for the veal that is omnipresent on the menus in Swiss restaurants, or they are killed at birth for the rennet in their stomach lining that is traditionally used to coagulate cheese. This is not a “happy cow” to me! Horse meat, pig meat and cow meat are all big winners in Switzerland. I saw shops where horses were butchered, saw live pig slaughter houses while hiking in the mountains, and huge posters promoting milk in the cities. Even at the highest and most remote mountains there were still wandering cows who are someone’s property, who will eventually be slaughtered or abused for their milk.

The Swiss animal agriculture is on a small scale compared to the US factory farming. However, I believe that we need a complete elimination of all animal agriculture, no matter how big or how small.

Flax Seeds

Vegan/Veg Products

Hemp/Wheat protein vegan slices

Tofu sausages, veggies, fruit, nuts, hemp slices

Tofu sausages with corn

Lake Seeaplsee

Lunch break from hike. Tofu slices, bread, jelly, pickles and fruit

Carrot break at the lake!

Fresh salad with spicy tofu and sunflower seeds

Fresh salad with sunflower seeds, tomatoes and onions

Lunch break from hike: vegan tofu slices, tomatoes, avocado, mustard, peaches

Vegan breakfast with soy milk and cereal

Pasta with spicy tomato sauce, nutritional yeast (brought from home), salad, green beans and wheat protein mock meat

Vegan on a mountain top

Petting a cow on a hike

Vegan homemade chocolate chip pancakes with plum and chocolate soy milk

Quinoa with ginger chardonay veggies, guacamole and green salad with carrots

Vegan pit stop-falafel balls on a salad 

Grilled polenta, grilled veggies, salad, wheat protein mock meat

Look a vegan restaurant in Zurich!!!!

Thumbs down to milk and cheese

House slaughter shop 😦

Pig slaughter house in the mountains 😦

So sad after seeing the piggies and knowing their fate ;(

RD Camp!

19 Sep

This past week I attended RD Camp with the Sodexo Distance Dietetic Internship! Actually Orientation for my dietetic internship, but it felt a lot more like camp! After a flight from Akron to Philly to Manchester I met Jen, Sarah and Catherine at the airport. Jen picked us up at the airport and drive us to the lodge. We stayed at Oliver Lodge in Meredith New Hampshire. It was about a one hour drive from the airport to the lodge. When we first arrived we were given our rooms! It was weird at first, but when is it ever not awkward meeting 20 new people for the first time? Throughout the week we would get up at 7am and have breakfast, then go over topics such as the nutrition care process, how to give effective presentations, how to complete clinical hours, food service hours, long term care hours, community hours, and independent elective rotation hours and about the competencies to complete, all the assignments we must complete throughout the year, the online chat assignments with other interns, buisness plans, budgeting, culteral cometence, leadership, motivational interviewing, research and professional ethics and MORE!!! We usually had classes until about 3pm, and had a break from 3-6 pm where we could catch up on sleep, exercise (I ran and swam in the lake!) or get ahead on assignments! At 6pm we would have a wonderful dinner prepared by a group of 4 interns. I have never been so well fed in my life! I recently just turned vegan, and others had special diets, but everyone got plenty of yummy food!!!

I feel pretty overwhelmed by all that I have to do this coming year with the internship, but so extremely excited to finally know that I will be a Registered Dietitian next year!!!

Here are some pictures of the lodge!

Oliver Lodge

The back of the lodge

Lake Winnipesaukee

Lake Winnipesaukee

The study and class area and our three instructors and directors. Sharon, Phyll and Barb

Swimming with Cindy in the Lake! (it was freezing!!)

Our family area to the court house (5 girls slept in the court house!)

Two six foot tall ladies 🙂 Here I am with Sharon my advisor for the year. Love her! 🙂

Here we all are!!! Miss everyone already! Wishing everyone the best this year!

Farmer’s Market

16 Aug

Be sure to stop at your local farmer’s market this week! Don’t know where to go? Check out this link to find the nearest farmer’s market to you:

If you want to get fresh, locally grown produce then you need to shop at your local farmer’s market. Bring cash with you, not all farmer’s markets take credit card. Although many farmer’s markets are accepting the EBT cards now. Be aware that the produce may look a little less pretty than those in your grocery store! That is ok, you need to go for quality not beauty. Try talking to the vendor/farmer and asking questions. You would be surprised about what type of information you can learn in a small conversation, such as learning new recipes idea and food to sample. Try something new the next time you go to the farmer’s market! There are hundreds of varieties of fruits and vegetables, so buy something you never tried before! Be sure to get there early so you can pick from the best and the freshest foods. Also know that you can buy more than just food there, such as candles and fresh flowers. 

Here are some pictures from the Hudson Farmer’s Market!

Enjoy your Farmer’s Market this summer!!!!!!!!!

City Fresh: get cheap, local produce near you!

16 Jun

Today was an exciting day for me. I picked up my first bag of food from city fresh. I have been waiting for this day all month! City fresh is a non profit organization with the NAC (New Arrarian Center) that is out there trying to improve access to fresh, locally grown food in Northeast Ohio. There are fresh stops all over cleveland and akron. You are bound to have one in your area. It is really cheap too! I used my direction card and only paid $9 per week for 1-2 people (low income). Regular prices are $15 per week for 1-2 people. Low income for 3-4 people is $16 per week and regular price for 3-4 people is $28 per week.

In my first bag this week I got Kale, Strawberries, Maple Syrup, Scallions, Garlic Scape, Fresh Mint and Romaine lettuce! What will I make with all of this? Maybe a huge salad, baked kale chips, some whole wheat pancakes with the maple syrup, a stir fry with the garlic scape, mint tea…not to sure yet, but I am starting tonight!

Look Below at what I got!! Yum!!

This is the beginning of the season, so this is probably the smallest amount I will get. They expect almost double this amount in the weeks to come! WOW! Please look into signing up today! It is such a great deal, you are supporting your local farmers, and getting fresh food that you can trust!

Can’t wait to see what they have for me next week!


My West Side Market Excursion!

30 Apr

Since you guys wanted me to write more about shopping on a budget, here it is! Read about my trip to the West Side Market, what I bought, the prices and how I will use the food in meals for 2 people this week!


“The West Side Market is Cleveland’s oldest and most trusted market! Today the market is home to over 100 vendors of great ethnic diversity. You can find not only fine meats and fresh vegetables, but also fresh seafood, baked goods, dairy and cheese products, and even fresh flowers. There are also booths that sell ready-to-eat foods, herbs, candy and nuts. Tourists from all over the world tour the market every year drawn by television programs produced by the Travel Channel and Food Network featuring segments on the West Side Market. Last year it is estimated that over a million people visited the market.” Visit the website for more information:


Believe it or not this was my first time going to the market! Since I was in Cleveland this Saturday morning for a 5K race, I decided to stop and get my weekly groceries! I had a great time! I could spend all day long in there! But that is just me, I like shopping for groceries more than I like shopping for clothes! The prices come very cheap due to the competitive nature of vendors with other vendors. You will not find these prices in the grocery store, nor will you find the freshness. On my trip I did make a few expensive purchases such as a half pound of Fresh Yellowfin Tuna which was over $8.00, but I still stayed within my budget. I am a vegetarian, but I do eat tuna, salmon and some other non-shell fish seafood….so I suppose you could call me a Pescetarian. I also bought some really yummy feta cheese spread (olive and also sun-dried tomato spread) which was $6.00 for a ½lb, and some Lebanese whole wheat spinach wraps which were about $3.00 each. If you buy specialty items already made by vendors then the prices can tend to be a little higher, and if the seafood is rare then that will also be a little higher. The other seafood such as tilapia was a great price. I totaled about $70.00, which is not too bad, my budget for the week is from $50-70! Most of the vendors accepted my EBT (food stamps) card, which was great to hear! Below is a picture of everything I bought! I made a menu, but I plan on having some left overs after the 5 days for the weekend.


Here is a price list of everything.

Click here: Prices groceries

Here is a sample menu (for 2) of what I will be having this week.

Click here: Menu- west side market