Top 5 Benefits of Getting Hot and Sweaty

1 Nov

Can’t beat the heat?……Then don’t….you will actually benefit from it!

Top 5 benefits of getting hot and sweaty:
This can include training outside in the heat, relaxing in a dry sauna, or doing some hot yoga! Be sure you are pushing yourself to feel pain. Short term pain, long term gain!

1) Helps grow neurons and makes you smarter: Increases norepinephrine which increases focus. Increases prolactin which increases myelin growth in neurons and therefore increases brain function.

2) Helps grow muscle: Increases growth hormone. Decreases muscle degradation increases insulin sensitivity. Decreases insulin resistance.

3) Helps increase endurance: increases bloodflow to muscles. Reduces need to use glycogen stores. Increases blood flow to heart. Reduces body core temp by allowing the body to sweat at lower temps.

4) Helps heal your injury, and prevents muscle loss to your injured area: Increases growth hormone. Increases heat shock proteins which help repair damaged proteins, and increases antioxidants within the body.

5) Heat gives you a “runner’s high.” By putting yourself through the pain of the heat you release Dynorphins. The release of these dynorphins causes sensitivity to the opioid receptors and therefore become extra sensitized to those feel good endorphins. It is worth the pain to feel amazing!!! Hence the explaination why some people like very spicey food!

Get sweaty y’all!



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