Four Fabulous Non-Dairy Milks

28 Mar

Cow’s milk isn’t the only option you have to pour over your cereal in the morning. The choices below work great as an alternative for those who are vegan, lactose intolerant, have a milk allergy or just want to try something new. These alternatives to regular Cow’s Milk are packed with nutrients and special health benefits.

Soymilk: Soymilk is made from soybeans. Soymilk is made by soaking soybeans and grinding them with water. Soymilk has a very creamy taste.

  • Benefits: Soy has been shown to lower the risk for prostate caner in men, lower the reoccurrence of breast cancer in women, and women who consume soy earlier in life may have a lower risk of developing breast cancer. Soy may relieve certain menopausal symptoms in women. Soy is an excellent source of protein, packed with all essential amino acids. Soy also contains omega three fatty acids with can aid in a healthy mind and boost heart health
  • Products: Silk, 8th Continent, SO Delicious

Coconut milk: Be sure to buy the coconut milk in the carton, not in the can. The coconut milk in the can has a lot more fat and calories.

  • Benefits:  The fat found in Coconut Milk is metabolized quickly, which is why some scientists believe that it may be a great tool for weight loss!
  • Products: Silk, SO Delicious

Almond milk: Made from almonds, almond milk has a very creamy and rich taste.

  • Benefits: Almond milk is only 60-70 calories per cup and low in fat. Almond milk is fortified with bone-building calcium. Almond milk is also rich in vitamins A, D and E. One glass of almond milk gives you half of the vitamin E you need for the day. Vitamin E is helpful for to moisturizing your skin and gives you an anti-aging boost!
  • Products: Silk, Almond Breeze, SO Delicious

 Hemp milk: Made from the hemp seed. The hemp seed is actually used to grow the Cannabis sativa L plant, AKA marijuana! The seed itself does not contain any THC delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, the psychoactive component of marijuana. Hemp milk is the creamiest compared to all these milks, and resembles Cow’s milk the closest in look and taste.

  • Benefits: Hemp milk contains Omega-3 fatty acids, which improves your cognitive function and memory. It is also rich in protein, has no cholesterol and has naturally occurring Vitamin A, E, B12, Magnesium, Iron, Zinc and Potassium.
  • Products: Tempt, Hemp Bliss


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