Try A Triathlon!

17 Jan

SWIM-BIKE-RUN that is the order that the triathlon goes. A sprint triathlon is usually between 400-800m swim, 12-16 miles bike and a 5k run. An Olympic distance is double that. A half iron man triathlon is 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike and a 13.1 mile run. A full Ironman is double that. So far I have only done spring triathlons. I plan on doing my first olympic triathlon this summer 2012, and plan on doing my first half ironman (Boulder Colorado 70.3) in 2013!!

Transitions are between both the swim and bike (T1) and the bike and run (T2). The transition time also counts in your overall time, so you must be quick during the transitions too! It is best to work practicing your transitions into your workout routine. A brick workout is usually a good idea to try. A brick workout involves biking and running consecutively. The workout is helpful to train the body to change from bike to run, as well as to cut time off the transition changing from bike to run. A triathlon suit also helps to speed up the transition time. I had been using a regular bathing suit and had to put bike shorts for my swim to bike transition, and take them off for the bike to run transition. With a tri suit you do not need to put on or take off bike shorts, since there is a little padding built into the tri suit. This can take 30 seconds or more off your time! I used my tri suit for my last triathlon of the season this summer and could really tell the difference. I got a personal record!

Here are some pics of the transition area:

Above: Transition area at Munroe Falls Tri 2011

Above: Here I am putting my number on my bike in the transition area Clay’s Park Tri 2011

Above: Here is my little spot all set up in the transition area, Clay’s Park Tri 2011

Above: Transition area at Lorain Lakeview Tri 2011

Above: Showing off my guns in the transition area of Vermilion Tri 2011

Chillen in the transition area after the Munroe Falls Tri 2011

The swim is usually an open water swim. Most non-swimmers are usually the most scared of this leg, and rightfully so! Since most triathlon swims are in a lake it can be scary going into open water. If the triathlon is large, then it is a concern about getting kicked or hit in the head with a hand. Some are concerned that if they get tired there will be nowhere to rest. The goal here is to be confident in the swim. If you hesitate then you may get run over by the crowd. When the start horn blows I sprint out ahead of everyone and get a good head start. I also like to go on the end, and not right in the middle of the group. If there is a curve or buoy to go around, then I make sure I am on the outside of the buoy. If you are on the inside, it is possible you may get run over. Everyone thinks this was is faster, but in my opinion it is fast to go a little outside the buoy where there are little people swimming. Swimming is my favorite leg of the race, mainly because I swam competitively for over 10 years on the swim team!

Above: Showing off the beautiful Lake Erie in which I swam for the Huntington Beach Tri 2011

Above: Nervous for my first Tri, Clay’s Park Tri 2009

Next is the Bike leg of the race. Depending on the course it can be very hilly or flat and straight. My personal favorite courses are the courses that are hilly and in the shade. Yes, you do have to go up the hills, but going down them is the fun part. If the course is flat the whole time, you have to use more power to push through it.

Above: Bike Transition Clay’s Park Tri 2009

Above: Action shot of bike to run transition Huntington Beach Tri 2011

The Last Leg of the race is the run. After giving full power in the swimming and biking the run can be challenging, especially if the weather is very hot! This is probably my least favorite part of the race. However, I’m learning to like it more as I get stronger in running. It is important to push through the run, because all your hard work you put in for the swim and bike might be lost during the run. I really enjoy the races where the bystanders in the houses spray cool water on you as you run by. That is very refreshing and makes the race fun! 

Above: here I am sprinting to the finish at the Lorain view park Tri 2011

Finishing a Triathlon is a great feeling! I feel on top of the world after finishing a Triathlon! Check this youtube video of my Vermilion Harbor 2010 Finish!! CLICK HERE!!

Above: Fueling up after Vermilion Harbor Tri 2011

Above: Results are up Vermilion Harbor Tri 2011…..Personal Record!!!!!!!

Above: Enjoying Lake Erie after Vermilion Harbor Tri 2011

Above: Second place in my age group Vermilion Harbor Tri 2011

Check out my first 70.3 Triathlon race video!!!!!!

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