RD Camp!

19 Sep

This past week I attended RD Camp with the Sodexo Distance Dietetic Internship! Actually Orientation for my dietetic internship, but it felt a lot more like camp! After a flight from Akron to Philly to Manchester I met Jen, Sarah and Catherine at the airport. Jen picked us up at the airport and drive us to the lodge. We stayed at Oliver Lodge in Meredith New Hampshire. It was about a one hour drive from the airport to the lodge. When we first arrived we were given our rooms! It was weird at first, but when is it ever not awkward meeting 20 new people for the first time? Throughout the week we would get up at 7am and have breakfast, then go over topics such as the nutrition care process, how to give effective presentations, how to complete clinical hours, food service hours, long term care hours, community hours, and independent elective rotation hours and about the competencies to complete, all the assignments we must complete throughout the year, the online chat assignments with other interns, buisness plans, budgeting, culteral cometence, leadership, motivational interviewing, research and professional ethics and MORE!!! We usually had classes until about 3pm, and had a break from 3-6 pm where we could catch up on sleep, exercise (I ran and swam in the lake!) or get ahead on assignments! At 6pm we would have a wonderful dinner prepared by a group of 4 interns. I have never been so well fed in my life! I recently just turned vegan, and others had special diets, but everyone got plenty of yummy food!!!

I feel pretty overwhelmed by all that I have to do this coming year with the internship, but so extremely excited to finally know that I will be a Registered Dietitian next year!!!

Here are some pictures of the lodge!

Oliver Lodge

The back of the lodge

Lake Winnipesaukee

Lake Winnipesaukee

The study and class area and our three instructors and directors. Sharon, Phyll and Barb

Swimming with Cindy in the Lake! (it was freezing!!)

Our family area to the court house (5 girls slept in the court house!)

Two six foot tall ladies 🙂 Here I am with Sharon my advisor for the year. Love her! 🙂

Here we all are!!! Miss everyone already! Wishing everyone the best this year!


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