Farmer’s Market

16 Aug

Be sure to stop at your local farmer’s market this week! Don’t know where to go? Check out this link to find the nearest farmer’s market to you:

If you want to get fresh, locally grown produce then you need to shop at your local farmer’s market. Bring cash with you, not all farmer’s markets take credit card. Although many farmer’s markets are accepting the EBT cards now. Be aware that the produce may look a little less pretty than those in your grocery store! That is ok, you need to go for quality not beauty. Try talking to the vendor/farmer and asking questions. You would be surprised about what type of information you can learn in a small conversation, such as learning new recipes idea and food to sample. Try something new the next time you go to the farmer’s market! There are hundreds of varieties of fruits and vegetables, so buy something you never tried before! Be sure to get there early so you can pick from the best and the freshest foods. Also know that you can buy more than just food there, such as candles and fresh flowers. 

Here are some pictures from the Hudson Farmer’s Market!

Enjoy your Farmer’s Market this summer!!!!!!!!!

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