Fair Food is Not So Fair!

4 Aug

It is that time again for the fair! That means it’s time for Fair Food, right? WRONG! The food at the fair is possibly the worst food out there for you. It is ok to indulge in one or two things at the fair, but more than that and you are asking to get sick. Don’t be surprised if you feel sick, crappy and depressed/sad after consuming these foods. In NO way do these foods benefit you and your health. For that reason the fair food is not so fair! America’s number one killer is heart disease for both mean and women. Fair food is packed full of calories, saturated fat, trans fat, refined carbohydrates, sugar, sugar sugar which contributes to heart disease and other diet related chronic disease! I know that a big part of going to the fair is enjoying the food, but you are doing yourself a big injustice by over indulging yourself in these types of foods. Calories DO still count while you are at the fair. Don’t think so? Eating a funnel cake at the fair takes two hours to burn off on the treadmill or elliptical machine! Here are some examples of fair food to stay away from!!

  • Cotten Candy
  • Belgium Waffle on a stick
  • Corn Dogs
  • Deep fried oreos
  • Funnel cakes
  • Elephant ears
  • Fried pb and j sandwich
  • spam sandwich
  • Pop
  • Deep fried ice cream sundae
  • Lemonade
  • Fried mushrooms
Whatever you do don’t go to the fair starving! You will end up spending tons of money on over priced fatty foods! Ew! If must indulge here are some healthier options:
  • Carmel apple
  • Chocolate dipped banana
  • Taos Express grilled chicken and wild rice burrito with mango sauce
  • Le Crepe with fresh fruits or veggies
  • Caribbean Smoothie with fresh fruit and non-fat yogurt

The fair is a fun place to go and by no means do you have to avoid going there every year. Just go with a full belly to avoid temptation and spending all your money on crappy food! There are many activities to do at the fair that are great for you and your kids love:

  • walking around and enjoying all the exhibits
  • petting and looking at all the animals
  • participating in coloring contests and other contests
  • crafts
  • listening to the music offered at your fair
  • the tractor pull
  • riding the rides
  • playing the games
  • taking advantage of free health screenings
  • watching the demo derby
  • watching the dirt bike races
  • my personal favorite-watching the rough truck contest and much more!
Enjoy the fair this year with your friends and family in a healthy way! 

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