Yucky Unhealthy Food vs. Yummy Healthy Food!

25 Jul

With every unhealthy choice there is a healthy option you can choose instead. If you are a person who believes that healthy food tastes like cardboard, is dissatisfying, too expensive or inconvenient, I am here to prove you wrong!

Your choices-

Yucky food #1: Bacon

Two strips of bacon contain about 120 calories 10 g fat, and that is if it is drained. 68% of bacon is saturated fat! Bacon is considered a highly processed meat and therefor contains nitrates and nitrites related to pancreatic, colon, prostate stomach cancers. Do not make bacon a daily indulgence. When you do eat a piece of bacon on that special occasion, add fruits and vegetables to add antioxidants to fight the cancer causing effects of the bacon. Oh and pllllleasse , if someone gives me this excuse again I am going to cry: “I’d rather enjoy bacon and other fatty foods that taste good, than live a longer life eating healthy food.” Umm hello, healthy food is very enjoyable and very flavorful! And eating healthy isn’t just about living longer, it is about enjoying the one life that you are given to its fullest. Don’t you want see your children grow up, walk your daughter down the aisle, walk up the stairs without being out of breath, not take 5 prescription pills everyday? Then you have to sacrifice a few things. Let me tell you, there is much more to life than bacon!

Yummy Food #1: Tempeh Bacon

Think you can never give up bacon? This hardcore carnivore did:


Tempeh Bacon, or Fakin’ Bacon is a great alternative to regular bacon, and I think it tastes very similar with a great texture. Add to salad, or make a sandwich with avocado and an egg with whole wheat bread like the picture.

Yucky food #2: The Fast Food Hamburger

A fast food large hamburger can be up to 1000 calories. It can have more than half the sodium needed in the day, and more than 1.5 times fat in the whole day. If your tired after eating this for lunch then don’t wonder why! Eating this will full you up temperately, but you will be slowed down and surprisingly to you (but not to me) feel hungry shortly after.

Yummy Food #2: Veggie Burgers

Mix oats and lentils with chopped onions, peppers, mushrooms, breadcrumbs, carrots to and grill. Use a whole wheat bun and add mustard, tomatoes, lettuce for garnish! This recipe is so much leaner has less sodium and will leave you feeling more energized!

 Yucky Food # 3: Prepackaged Baked Goods-

I am highly against these prepackaged baked goods. Every time I go to the grocery store and I see one of these in someone’s cart I just want to tap them on the shoulder and beg them not to buy it! Watch out for prepackaged baked good such as Little Debbie’s and treats like these, because they contain tons of sugar and are loaded with the poison trans fats! Also be careful about your local grocery store’s bakery. Most of these baked goods are not safe.

Yummy Food #3: Fresh Baked Goods

Nothing is more tasty to me than a cookie or brownie…yumm! I do love to indulge in these treats a couple times a week, but when I do I am very careful about what type of baked good I choose. You cannot trust many baked goods. I only trust baked goods made in stores such as EarthFare, with a special health/nutrition philosophy. They make the baked goods with no hydrogenated oils, artificial colors/flavors, and most of the ingredients are organic. Please read the label before consuming baked goods. If it says partially hydrogenated oil in the ingredient list, if there are ingredients you cannot pronounce, artificial colors, or an endless list of ingredients put it back on the shelf! There is NOTHING wrong with indulging in a treat every now and then, but there is EVERYTHING wrong with putting something in your body before you look at the nutrition label and ingredients. Try making your own treats where you can control the ingredients that go into them!

 Yucky Food #4: Classic Potato Chips

These potato chips are high in fat, high in calories, high in sodium and contain carcinogens, which are cancer causing substances. These potatoes are processed to the max, covered in hydrogenated oils, loaded with preservatives. Think about it, when you crack open a bag of potato chips, it is hard to just have a couple. Usually the most if not the whole bag is gone very quickly! My suggestion is to remove these snacks from your diet, even if they say “all natural!”

Yummy Food #4 Baked Potatoes

Not all potatoes are bad for you! Sure, baked potatoes are very starchy, but they are loaded with nutrients such as potassium and low in fat. They are very versatile because they you can add some yummy healthy toppings! NO not butter or salt!  Add scallions, add some spicy salsa, beans, chopped veggies such as onions, green pepper or mushrooms to spicy up the flavor! Be sure to eat the skin too, because the skin is loaded with nutrients!

 Yucky Food #5: Lunch Meats

Hot dogs and bologna, known as the mystery meat. Nobody really knows exactly what is put in these. Do you know how they are made? First mix skin, fat, cartridge, and other random pig and/or cow parts in a grinder. Next take that mixture and strain it. Next, use what made it through the strainer and make a hot dog or bologna. Ew, seriously would you eat that if you had to make it yourself? Just because it is prepacked in a little pack doesn’t make it safe. Hot dogs, bologna and all lunch meats are also high very in sodium, high in nitrates and nitrites which are a known carcinogen. Carcinogens are known to cause certain types of cancer. Think twice about consuming hot dogs, bologona and lunch meats.

Yummy Food #5: Greek Yogurt Chicken Salad

I have a great recipe for a healthy chicken salad that you should try for your lunch this week! It is a great alternative to lunch meats. Buy boneless, skinless chicken breast. Bake this and shred. Add cranberries, almonds, grapes, green onion, celery to the chicken. For the sauce add plain greek yogurt, lemon juice and pepper to taste. This is high in protein and low in sodium, and best of all you know exactly what is going into your lunch.

 Yucky Food #6: Fried French Fries

This non nutrient containing food will leave you in a rut. French fries contain excess calories, acrylamides, which can cause cancer. Large french fries contains 300 times the amount of acrylamides. Your best bet is to stay away from all fast food french fries and to never fry your own, always bake.

Yummy Food #6: Sweet Potato Fries

Loaded with nutrients, sweet potatoes are a a great choice. If you are craving fries, try this sweet alternative. Chop sweet potatoes into french fry pieces. Add pepper, olive oil and onion powder and bake in the oven until tender and golden brown. Serve with a horseradish greek yogurt dip to add a punch of flavor!!

 Yucky Food #7 Soft Drinks

Pop is loaded with sugar in the form of high-fructose corn syrup. It is also loaded with caffeine, preservatives and tons of calories. If you drink more than a can such as 42 ounces, that has over 400 calories. Pop is pretty much liquid sugar! The best way I recommend people to lose weight is to just drop the pop. It is amazing how fast the weight comes off when you eliminate pop from your diet. I do not recommend drinking any type of soft drink, even diet pop.

Yummy Food #7: Fruit Spritzer

If you are craving pop try making a fruit spritzer instead! Get some fizzy water and add a small amount 100% juice to the water. Add ice and garnish with fresh fruit on the side.

Take personal responsibility for your health. We have the authority to make a difference in our own lives and health. We can eat better we can live better, we can do whatever we want, it is our life! Don’t let you life pass you by, you deserve your health. Don’t put things on hold. Don’t put convenience as a priority. Put your health as a priority! 

Food is related to how you feel. Are you sick? If you eat better you will feel better, and your body will heal itself. Simple as that!


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