What to Eat at the Park?

12 Jul

Whether it be the Amusement Park, the Lake Park, or the Zoo Park your best bet is to ALWAYS pack a lunch or picnic! 

Reasons why you should always pack a lunch for the Park:

  1. You will save money.
  2. You will not be tempted by the horrible park food such as hot dogs, chicken fingers, hamburgers, ice cream and french fries.
  3. It is fun to pack a picnic and share it with your family or that special someone.
  4. Packing your lunch can give you freedom to bring things that are not offered at the Park.
  5. Although it may take some prep time to pack before hand, you are helping your family and friends by encouraging a healthy lifestyle.

What you should pack for the Park:

  1. A large salad full of leafy greens, colorful peppers, broccoli, carrots and any other vegetables that you love. With a side of homemade non-oil salad dressing
  2. A variety of fruit such as apples, bananas, strawberries, peaches
  3. Whole wheat bread and a lower fat white cheese such as mozzarella cheese to make a sandwich. 
  4. Bottled water
  5. 100% juice boxes
  6. Hummus and whole wheat pita bread or sliced veggies to dip such as carrots or peppers
  7. Whole wheat pasta salad
  8. Nuts (no salt added), dried fruit (no sugar added), granola bars
  9. Maybe some red wine for a romantic picnic
  10. For something sweet pack some organic dark chocolate if you wish!

Amusement park usually let you back in the park if you get a stamp on the way out. So get a stamp on the way out for lunch time and head out to your car where you packed your lunch under some ice! This way everything will be cold, crisp and refreshing. This is absolutely divine after spending the whole first half of the day standing in long lines for those rides! A hot hamburger and french fries does not sound appetizing to me with 90 degree weather. A fresh salad and cool water will refuel you 100 times better for the second half of the day! 

The same goes for Zoo parks, you can leave the park to go to your car. Most zoos have picnic tables or a grassy area outside the entrance that you could have your picnic. 

And of course if you are at the lake for the day, nothing is better than having a cooler full of goodies to enjoy throughout the day. Grab some fruit here and there. For lunch pick a nice picnic table to enjoy the refreshing lunch you have packed for your friends and family. I was at the lake last weekend, and was appalled by what I saw. Parents buying nachos, hot dogs, Large sodas, huge pizza slices, processed ice cream bars. The concession stand at lake and pools are over priced and “under nutriented” ok I just made that word up. But seriously, I wanted to go up to those parents and ask them why they were feeding not only their kids but their kid’s friends that crap. It would be so much cheaper to just pack a healthy lunch, and so much more healthful. Not to mention those children are learning habits that they will take with them for the rest of their lives. Start feeding them nachos now, and they will want them at the lake/pool every other time after that, and into their adulthood. Parents need to start taking their children’s health as a priority and not convenience as a priority. 

Make your next Park experience more enjoyable and PACK your healthy lunch the next time you and your family head to the Park! I know I did!

CEDAR POINT entrance with my friend Mary!

Which ride to choose first? Millennium Force front seat!

Mary and I are pumped for our lunch!!

Look at my yummy salad!

We stopped at our local Earth Fare grocery store in the morning before the trip and bought our lunch there. I made this salad in less than 5 minutes and threw everything in the color with some ice. Simple as that!

Cooler of cold Fruit and Water!

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