Raw Vegan Week Challenge Final update!

4 Jul

The final update on my raw vegan week challenge.

It was quite the challenge for me this week!

Day 4-Thursday was fine for me in the morning and fine for me at lunch. After a great workout at the gym (chisel and latin mix!!) all I wanted to do was eat some pasta!! But I resisted and had my raw dinner. I felt really energized today and got up feeling refreshed and not tired. 

Day 5-Friday again I was fine in the morning and for lunch. And i again woke up feeling great with little sleep. This is unusual because I usually want to sleep all day. The raw dinner just didn’t do it and later that night I was tempted into eating a delicious pizza! It felt like the best cheese pizza I have ever eaten!!! This could technically mean that I failed, but going from cooked foods to 100% raw is no easy task, it is certainly a huge challenge! 

Day 6 Saturday-This day we planned on heading up to Cedar Point and I knew I had to plan ahead in order to stick to my diet. So in the morning I had my fruit smoothie and then went to Earth Fare and made a beautiful vegan raw salad from the salad bar and also bought some extra raw vegan granola bars and some fruit. Cedar Point was so much fun, but very hot, and it felt really nice to eat the refreshing lunch that I had packed. We had a late lunch so by the time we got home I was able to make a quick raw vegan dinner from my menu before bed. I was so tired that night from being in the sun all day at Cedar Point that I didn’t even think about eating cooked food.

Day 7- Sunday- Again breakfast and lunch seemed easy to eat raw. Since this was the last day of my raw vegan week I decided I would end it tonight with some cooked food from Earth Fare. I was craving cooked food so badly. All I could think about was cooked food and how good it would taste!!! We went there and we got some pasta salad, hummus and pita chips, organic wine and had a little picnic at Blossom watching the Cleveland Orchestra! It tasted so good! And we even got to see the fireworks! 

Today is my first day off the raw food diet and to be honest I feel really tired! I feel a little slow, drowsy and irritable. I went to olive garden and also had some ice cream. I am thinking that is the reason why I feel so slumpish, because I got about 10 hours of sleep last night. (more sleep than I had most nights last week). I only had 1 fruit today for breakfast and that is about 10 times less than I had on the raw vegan diet. I had tons of energy this week, and was able to accomplish more than usual in both the exercise department, motivation department and the work life department, (despite my Friday night pizza set back and my early ending to the raw week Sunday evening. What can I say, I am human!). I was very positive and upbeat all week long.

Even though I had huge cravings for cooked foods, I am proud I was able to include foods in my diet that that I was never able to include before! My diet was packed full of nutrients during my raw vegan week, and I truly felt the difference. It was worth the struggle!!

This is what I take away from this challenge:

  1.  If I ever do this challenge again I would need help from a vegan chef. This way I could include more variety so I would be less likely to have the cooked food cravings.
  2. Incorporating at least 10 fruits and veggies into your everyday diet can add a boost of energy you never thought possible.
  3. It is important to have a good support system and an accountability partner when trying to change your diet to a healthier version. It is very hard to do on your own, and even more difficult if you have a close relationship that will sabotage it for you!
  4. It takes time to adjust to a new way of eating. Do not beat yourself up if you fail. We are human and it is almost inevitable. The best thing to do is just get up on the horse and keep going.
  5. Do not restrict yourself too much. This leads to excessive cravings and can lead to self sabotage. A slow transition is better.
  6. Always be prepared and educated by a nutrition professional before starting a special diet.
  7. Know that it takes time to change habits and it cannot be done overnight.
  8. I know that I will be incorporating the raw vegan component into my breakfast every morning now! I think everyone should. It is a great and easy way to get fruits and vegetables in before the day gets going. It truly is an energy booster.
  9. There are so many compelling reasons to stay on the Raw Vegan Diet, but what I got from it is to incorporate as much raw as you can, and then include a small amount of cooked foods.
  10. I will continue to stay vegetarian limiting my milk, egg and cheese consumption.
  11. A question to ask yourself is: when you look down at your plate at every meal, is half of it fruits and veggies? If it is not, then you are probably not giving yourself the energy and the life that you deserve! You don’t have to go raw, but PLEASE for me, eat more fruits and veggies!! You will NOT be sorry. 

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