Raw Vegan Week Update!

30 Jun

Hi Everyone!

If you haven’t already, please check out my video diary update on my raw vegan diet challenge for day 3.

It has not been easy so far, and it is only day 3! I found Breakfast to go well, but towards the end of the day I crave cooked food like pasta or Gnocchi…yummm! No I can’t think of that! Last night I had a huge salad and was feeling really full but not satisfied. Today at lunch I had another large salad and had a hard time enjoying it. I was just force feeding myself to finish it to get the calories! I was thinking of macaroni and cheese the whole time. haha! I was feeling a little down after lunch and a few hours later I reached for the Go Raw “fudge brownie” made of cashews and cocoa. I knew I would need a little treat to get my motivation back, and this was a good thing, I was about to give up and make some pasta. After eating the fudge brownie treat I felt so much better and had a great workout after. The most challenging thing is just finishing everything. I feel so full after each meal, and I have to force myself to finish so I do not lose weight. I can see this diet being ideal for weight loss, since I feel very full with very few calories. I also eat very frequently which has been a challenge to get the time to eat all this food, but it would be a great diet to go on for someone who loves to eat! haha which I do.

Overall right now I feel very happy, positive and energized! This type of eating has given my body the nutrients that it really NEEDS to thrive. My mind is the one telling me otherwise.

It has been a great experience so far. I have never actually had to go through something like this, and I can really relate now to those struggle to stay devoted to a certain type of diet. I was intimidated by this diet/type of eating at the beginning because I knew nothing about raw vegan diets. But after tons of research I feel more comfortable and confident about how to do it properly. Going on a special diet without proper research and professional advice can be dangerous so always consult a nutrition professional before going on a special diet. But I can relate to those who start a diet and feel like they are entering uncharted territories!

Some meals I had this week:

Breakfast Monday: Blue Crush Smoothie: water, almonds, sunflower seeds, blueberries, kale, bananas, ground flaxseed

Lunch Monday: oranges, cherry tomatoes, walnuts, raisins, bananas, peas

Lunch Wednesday: Salad with Liquid gold dressing, Dressing, romaine lettuce, kale, cabbage, sprouted lentils, and a green pepper

Dinner Wednesday: Garden Soup with orange juice, lemon juice, kale, apple, cucumber, basil, light miso, green onion, cayanne pepper, garlic, water, avocado and also a tomato with lemon tahini dressing and a smoothie with bananas, blueberries and oranges

Why Raw ROCKS!

-Raw vegan diets are generally completely lacking in foods with the highest glycemic index such as puffed foods and products made of white flour and white sugar

-Raw vegan diets tend to have a very low glycemic load compared to almost any other diet.

-The American diet comes from food composed of refined carbohydrates, sugars and starches with can cause disterous consequences for your health including raising triglycerides, wreak havoc on your blood glucose, increase the risk of type two diabetes and heart disease. In addition when foods high in refined carbohydrates make up the majority of the diet, there is little room left for foods that nourish and protect us! Raw-food eaters NEVER make this mistake!

-You are getting triple to quadruple the amount of fruits and vegetables than the average american. This may prevent certain types of cancers

-It is easy to lose weight, but still feel full

-You are not eating any damaged fats and acrylamides that can cause certain types of cancer

-Studies have shown that diets containing a lot of animal protein can raise the risk of kidney stones, cancer initiation and promotion, colorectal cancer, diabetes and coronary heart disease. Replacing animal protein with plant protein reduces blood cholesterol levels and other markers of heart disease!

-Raw vegan diets do well when it comes to sodium intake. One study found that men on a raw vegan diet averaged just over 1500 mg of sodium per day and women just over 1200 mg per day. The average american consumes over 3000 mg of sodium per day, this can contribute to a whole host of diet related health conditions like high blood pressure.

-Fiber is very abundant in a raw vegan diet. In fact my daily fiber consumption is anywhere between 50-80 grams per day!

-Plants provide an army of compounds that defend us in a varity of ways. They deliver nature’s most powerful beneficial compounds-phytochemicals, plant sterols, antioxidants, fiber and healthful fats!

-The vast majority of harmful foods are eliminated when shifting to a raw vegan diet!

2 Responses to “Raw Vegan Week Update!”

  1. Saskia 04/07/2011 at 9:45 PM #

    Love the pics and menu Colleen!!! It all looks delish– espec that soup!

    • nutritranslator 04/07/2011 at 10:46 PM #

      Thanks Savanwees! 🙂
      I will make you a raw vegan dinner when you come home to visit!!!!!!!!!!

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