A Taste of Switzerland: Out and About

4 Mar

Sorting through hundreds of pictures I narrowed it down these few for this Out and About blog. It is common to walk around in Switzerland since it is easy to, because of the size. I encountered beautiful landscape, wonderful people and great food!

Das ChristKindli Markt in the Zurich train station. This might be the biggest indoor Christmas market with a 15-metre tall Christmas tree decorated with hundreds of Swarovski chrystals as its main attraction. And surely at least one of the more than 150 stands has the Christmas present you’re looking for. There is a merry-go-round and a fairy tale house to keep the children happy. Christmas time is certainly celebrated the right way here!

A salami and sausage stand at the Markt.

Up close….they look tasty!

Inside the salami stand

Here we were in a town called Appenzell or Appenzellerland in northeast Switzerland. It is known for its flowery fields, paintings, cheese and music. Walking through the town you will see the special painted houses. Traditions, such as the “Stobede,” which is alpine merrymaking with Appenzell string music, yodelling and dancing. Alpaufzug/Alpabzug, which is the trek of the cows up to the Alpine pastures in May/June and down to the valley in August/ September. It is also known for the “Silvesterklausen,” in which men dressed in traditional costumes with bells attract many onlookers every year.

When we were strolling through the town we came across and outdoor band and this sausage stand!

After some snowboarding it is common to go to the ski resorts cafe for a beverage and snack. I was drinking sparkling water, but just like coke in America, Rivella is the popular carbonated drink in Switzerland.

Glühwein (hot, spiced wine) becomes available on every street corner, as do roasted chestnuts during the Christmas season. This stand is a Glühwein stand that serves the wine in little shoe shaped cups.

Here I am in Basel along the Rhein river. We got pizza from a local store and walked to the river to eat it! This pizza has gorgonzola cheese and mozzarella cheese.

Here we are in Lausanne for the ever so popular Montreux Jazz Festival. The festival is situated at the foot of the Alps on Lake Geneva, Montreux is an idyllic venue for a musical event that in former times included Miles Davis, Count Basie and Bob Dylan. It it one of the most prestigious festivals in Europe! It is the second largest after the Montreal International Jazz festival in Canada. The food was very expensive, just like any festival food. There were many stands the included Swiss food, Thai curry food, chinese, Italian and much more. Here we are eating some warm chocolate chip waffles.

We stayed in a Jugendherberge, or a Youth Hostel while in Lausanne. Breakfast was included. Each morning we had a selection of fresh baked bread, cheeses, nutella spread, fruit, juice and coffee.

Here we are in the capital of Switzerland, Bern. Walking though the town we came across a meat stand!

Public transportation is very common in Switzerland. You really do not need a car! We road the bus and train, where we could not walk on our excursion. Here I have some of my favorite candies, they are gummies by the brand Haribo, I was caught mid chew!

Our little lunch consisted of apricots, cheese, bread, juice and a popular chocolate bar called Kaegi fret (which after learning the German translation for Trans fat, was sadly found in this chocolate bar!) To get here we took about small 5 train rides, and then had this picnic before another bus ride to the Grimel Pass. We then took the Gelmerbahn to the top of the mountain. The Gelmerbahn is Europe’s steapest funicular which is an inclined railway similar to a tram which is pulled up and down a incline with a cable. The Gelmerbahn in Switzerland is Europe’s steepest and ascends 6,000 ft up a mountain face. The trolley is pulled up a 106 percent gradient in only a few seconds offering spectacular views of the Grimsel pass and the surrounding valleys and lakes. Once we got to the top we had THIS view of the Grimsel Alpine Power dam which is a hydroelectic dam. Amazing…


Grocery stores such as Migro and Coop usually have little restaurants in them which follow a scatter system. You pay per 100 grams. I think this plate of food I had was over 15 Swiss Franks.

After a long hike in Interlaken, we decided to go to the grocery store and buy some salad, french dressing, juice, chips, bread and meat for our lunch. I am diluting the juice in some water. This saved us some money rather than going to a restaurant to eat.

We are back in Zurich after the train ride back from Interlaken. We bought mini salad bowls and fresh bread for lunch.

Here I was at a wedding reception, and this table consisted of appetizers for the cocktail hour before the dinner. Fresh bread is always a must!

Salami, fruit, cheese, chips and salsa, olives

Absolutely Divine!!! It was hard to save room for dinner……!!


Thank you for reading my five part series on Swiss Cuisine!!!!! I hope you learned a little more about the Swiss culture and cuisine!


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