A Taste of Switzerland: At the Bakery

28 Feb

Part Two:

Bakeries or Die Bäckerei translated in German, are very important in the Swiss culture. You can usually find a couple bakeries in each town. Fresh bread is made daily. The bread here is a lot different than bread that is prepackaged here in America. The bread isn’t made at large factories, but rather small bakeries. Even the bread at the grocery store is made fresh. Swiss people who come over here to visit are very disappointed by the American bread selection, and I can see why!The Swiss bakeries sometimes sell sandwiches, pastries, cookies and chocolates. I found the bread and pastries to be my favorite parts of Switzerland. Bread is usually served with every meal. For breakfast different varieties are served with different jellies, honey, a variety of cold cut meat and cheese.

Here I am in a small corner Swiss bakery. You can see the assortment of chocolates. If you look at the top of the counter where the salesperson is you can see a loaf of braided bread. This type of bread is called Zopf. This is a white bread that is served for breakfast. This bread has a soft texture and is subtly sweet. I love this type of bread on Sunday Morning’s in Switzerland!

You can see the assortment of chocolates on the left, and bread on the back wall. There are also some special pastries and desserts on display on the left.

Yum, look at that fresh bread!!!

Pies, cakes and desserts

A variety of sandwiches. On top you can see a chocolate bread. This is a sweet white bread that is stuffed with dark chocolate.

Can you see the Zopf in the top right hand corner?

I tried the chocolate bread, divine!

Here we have an assortment of cookies and breads, fruit bread, an almond paste type cookie at the top right with the angel. And also have my FAVORITE cookie, which is called a  Spitzbuben. It is basically strawberry preserves sandwiched in between two butter cookies, and a design cut out in the middle. Sometimes powdered sugar is sprinkled on top.


And another Spitzbuben!

I couldn’t get enough 🙂


The next in the blog of the series I will be talking about Swiss Food in the Restaurant!

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