A Taste of Switzerland

26 Feb

During my three excursions to Switzerland in the past 3 years it was only natural for me to be fascinated by the cuisine. I found myself taking snap shots of everything I ate. Switzerland is a very small country, about 1/3rd the size of Ohio. Even with this small size many languages are spoken throughout the country due to the influences of surrounding countries. German, French, Italian and Romansh are spoken as well as Swiss German, Swiss French and Swiss Italian dialects. There is a lot of influence in the cuisine from the surrounding countries as well. The beautiful landscape kept me coming back for more as well as the tasty cuisine. In the following five blogs I will write about and provide pictures and explanations of food I tasted/encountered:

  1. in the home
  2. in the restaurant
  3. in the bakery
  4. out and about
  5. in the grocery store

Stay Tuned!!!!

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