Would You Kill an Animal for Your Own Meat?

2 Feb

Since I was little eating meat on a bone seemed revolting to me. I had a hard time enjoying myself at Thanksgiving time, because looking at the Turkey carcass would sicken me. Ironically when the turkey was cut from the bone and put on my plate I was able to eat it.

Why was I/am I able to make such a distinction between “animal” and “meat”. Shouldn’t itjust be an Animal? Just because the animal is cut up into pieces shouldn’t mean that it isn’t an animal anymore. The picture to the right gives you a funny, exaggerated viewpoint on my previous comment.

Watching the T.V. Series Kill it, Cook it, Eat it, has been an eye opener. Each episode, volunteers head out to the farm to meet, care for, and then slaughter and eat a wide variety animals including pigs, sheep cows and chickens. I agree that meat tastes very good, but is it worth killing a life to have something to fill my stomach and satisfy these cravings? Is it worth putting our earth at risk for things such as global warming with the industrial meat produced? This show brought up these questions and more. The show puts emphasis on the farm raised meat products verses the economy meat products. One volunteer is on a budget and can only afford economy meat for her family, she is faced with the reality of what is actually put in these economy meat products. She will have to make the decision on whether to reduce the amount of economy meats and increase vegetarian options while choosing lesser amounts of quality meat products. It is interesting to see each of the volunteers reactions to the slaughtering of the animals, as well as my own reaction to the slaughtering! I have to agree with James, when he compares animal meat to human meat, he cannot see the difference because muscle is muscle. I see myself relating a little to each of the volunteers.

This show has really got me thinking about my choices involving eating meat. I do not eat meat all that often. Throughout the week I primary have a Ovo-lacto-vegetarian diet, but occasionally on the weekends I will order a steak or chicken at the restaurant. I do not think I could eliminate fish from my diet, especially salmon. Could I switch to a pesco-vegetarian diet (vegetarian diet with fish)? Some argue that the pesco-vegetarian diet isn’t a vegetarian diet, since it involves eating animal flesh. Another good point brought up in the “Pig episode” was, would you kill an animal for your own meat? My answer to that would be absolutely not. I would never kill a pig, cow, sheep or chicken (unless in a survival situation). Since I cannot slaughter it myself, I probably have no business eating it.

Overall I just want my readers to investigate where their meat comes from. Watch the episodes of Kill it, Cook it, Eat it, watch Food Inc. and other documentaries explaining the controversy surrounding this topic. It is worth knowing where your food comes from. Remember, you are what you eat! I am not saying that eating meat is wrong or that it is bad for you. (Keep in mind some meat products are higher in saturated fats which are linked to raising LDL blood cholesterol levels. Some economy meats such as sausages have added fillers and very little actual meat (fat, connective tissue and skin are all considered meat)).

I just think it is important to build the body up as much as we can and not break it down. We only can build the body up by making a conscious effort to learn what is in our food, learn where it comes from and making the best choice for our planet and to keep our health.

Here is a link to watch the Episodes of Kill it, Cook it, Eat it Pig episode (please be advised that it is very graphic).


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