Quick, Yummy, Satisfying Dessert for Thanksgiving!

24 Nov

Most desserts at the Thanksgiving party will probably be very high in fat and in calories, like cheesecake, cookies and brownies. Here is a dessert that is both very tasty, and good for you. Bring this to the party if you think you might be hard pressed for healthy desserts options! You will never think that this recipe is so good for you compared to the other desserts at the table.

Remember after eating all those calories for dinner, you want to make the best choice for dessert!

Colleen’s Cookie Surprise!

Ingredients (only 4!)

  • 8 -4 oz cups Non-Fat Caramel Greek Yogurt
  • 2-Boxes Madagascar Vanilla Wafers
  • 8-Large Bananas
  • 1/2 cup organic dark chocolate chips


Open yogurt containers and mix yogurt in a bowl. Cut all bananas into small slices. Pour wafers into a bowl and smash them until crushed. Get a clear large bowl for the layering process. Start with the cookies on the bottom, then yogurt, then bananas, repeat three about three times. End with cookies on top. Then sprinkle chocolate chips on the very top! Cover and refrigerate for a couple hours.

Greek yogurt is very high in protein, and has no fat! If you have never tried greek yogurt before then I highly recommend trying it! It is also a great breakfast with some fruit; it will keep you full for a while because of the high protein content! The only fat you will be getting from this dessert is from the cookies, and the chocolate chips, which isn’t that much. The cookies are made with whole grain wheat flour. Needless to say this dessert is very satisfying, and you won’t have to go back for seconds!

Here is what it looks like! YUM!!!!!!

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