Stop Drinking POP!

18 Oct

If you have not already seen the NYC anti-soda ads then take a look!

Man Eating Sugar

Man Eating Fat out of Pop can

If it was not such an issue the city would not be paying thousands of dollars to make ads like these. Like these videos address, pop contributes to weight gain from the added sugar. Drinking pop paves the path for obesity, diabetes and other diet related diseases such as hypertension, metabolic syndrome, stoke, heart disease, stress, cancer and osteoporosis. Soft drinks are the biggest source of added sugar to the average person’s diet.

Whacked out persecutive

People’s perspective are all out of whack, because most people do not think that drinking pop contributes calories to their daily diet, since they are drinking it. A study done by the International Journal of Obesity illustrated this point. A group was given jelly beans and a separate group was given pop to drink, 450 calories worth each day. The jelly bean group had a lower body weight and BMI at the end of the experiment than those drinking the pop. Those eating jelly beans had been adjusting their caloric intake to the account for the jelly beans they were eating. In the soda groups they did not see this, but instead an increase in dietary intake.

The Understanding

Just because you are drinking it, doesn’t mean that it doesn’t contribute to your total daily intake! You must understand that drinking pop is a significant way to gain weight very easily. Cut it out of your diet slowly if you drink many cans a day. Otherwise cut it out completely if you drink one or two a day.

Attention Skinny Pop Drinkers

If you are thin, or underweight, and use that as an excuse to still drink pop, then you are in trouble, because skinny doesn’t mean healthy. There is new research supporting the concept of skinny-obese people. These people do not exercise, have a BMI in normal range or below, and usually can eat whatever they want without gaining weight. The problem is that these people have a high internal body fat intake, which causes heart disease and other complications inside the body.

Tooth Decay

Sugar found in soda can contribute to tooth decay, and also the acids in the soda can eat away the enamel on the tooth in just 20 minutes, leading to cavities. Studies done have shown that tooth decay rises proportionally with sugar consumption.

Bone Breaker

Those who drink soda are more prone to broken bones. The phosphorus in the pop depletes the  bone of calcium. Only one in every five teens meets the current milk requirement, so drink your milk instead to build strong bones!

Addictive Caffeine

Soft drinks also should be avoided because they contain caffeine. Ever go one day without drinking your usual amount of pop? Experience a headache, rise in blood pressure, irritability or stomach problems when you stop drinking for a day? These are side effects of  withdraw from your dependance on the caffeine. No one said it would be easy to stop drinking pop! Do not let this stimulant control your mental state and ability to focus. You do not need caffeine to do this.

Think Long Term

Young people often do not think long term about potential health problems related to diet. Don’t become a middle aged adult with osteoporosis, obesity and a sedentary lifestyle. If you want to live a shorter life than your parents than go ahead enjoy a cold soda. If you are already middle aged, do not let soda’s addicting powers consume you. If you do, you could end up gaining some weight, or worse, end up at your grave a little earlier than expected.

Drink water water water water! and low fat or skim milk instead!!!!


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