Vibram Five Fingers!

31 Aug

Last week my good friend introduced me to the Vibram Five Finger shoes. She told me that she wanted these new running shoes with toes! I was very curious to see what they looked like and to learn more about them. The website tells us that the shoe helps strengthen muscles in feet and lower legs, improve range of motion in ankles, feet and toes, stimulates neural function important for balance and agility, improves proprioception and body awareness, eliminates heal lift to aline spine and improve posture and allows the foot to move naturally. Who could ignore those benefits?? At first glance they look a little funny! I laughed and told her I would go with her to try them out.

So….today I went to the Appalachian Outfitters in Peninsula, Ohio with my friend to give them a go. The sales guy was telling us how popular they have been with them. Once sized, the sales guy brought out the running style shoes the Treksport version. My friend has smaller feet than me, and they didn’t have her size. She had to go on a waiting list! They are very popular! He told her not to get them online, because there have been a lot of counterfeits produced. Anyway, they were a little difficult to put on, since they were as snug as a glove! But once on, they felt very light….just like bare-feet! I went walking around the store with them, and I was sold…. Going on my credit card!!

I was very excited to try them out tonight!! Here they are right before my first run! What do you think?

I ran four miles in them and it went very smoothly! I was very impressed about how natural it felt to run in them. I felt like a kid again running around. It was great to be able to feel the ground beneath me and I could feel the muscles in my lower legs getting a great work out! They will take some getting used to since they are tight and I cannot wear socks with them. Also my left foot is slightly longer than my right so it was a little more snug. Other than that I am very impressed with these shoes, and very excited to increase my milage with them!

I would definitely recommend them!!


Please read the article below to see how it is recommended to transition into these shoes. I made the mistake of being too eager and jumping right into them. After a fast paced 6 mile run yesterday, I found out the hard way; I cannot walk today! My calves are very tight and I have blisters all over my feet. Our feet have been trapped in marshmallow shoes all our lives, so we need to slowly wake them up if we are going to run bare-feet. We use different muscles in our legs, feet and toes when running barefoot. It is recommended to start running barefoot first before using these shoes and working your way up. We have to “wake-up” these muscles slowly. And we have to make our feet and skin on our feet strong first. When I can walk again, I will be following these transition recommendations to running in these shoes!

Please read!!:

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